This page contains a selection of chapters and articles that can be accessed online.

"Nicholas Ray's We Can't Go Home Again: Multiple Windows in a Delirious Time Machine"

In Edward Dimendberg, ed. The Moving Eye: Film, Television, Architecture, Visual Art, and the Modern. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019. See for information about the book here. The PDF of this article can be found here.

Sonuç: Nöro-İmge: Gelecekten Beyin Ekranlar

Turkish translation of the conclusion of The Neuro-Image. Translated by Omur Solen Soykan. In: SineFilozofi Dergesi. Vol/Cilt: 3 No/Sai:6: 2018, 135-141. Download PDF.

Selfies y otras patalogias en la sociedad de la imagen.

Interview with Patricia Pisters. In Spanish, by Andres Duque. In: Concreta: Sobre creacion y teoria de la imagen. Autumn 2018, 38-47. Download PDF.

"Deep Blue Geomediations: Following Lapis Lazuli in Three Ecological Assemblages"

In: Rock Records, eds. Paul Harris. Richard Turner and Adam Nocek. Substances, vol. 47:2, 2018 (Issue 146): 36-58. Published by Johns Hopkins University.

Download PDF. See also link to full issue and digital supplements here.

La Neuro-Immagine. Schizoanalisi, schermi digitali e nuovi circuiti cerebrali

« La neuro-immagine. Schizoanalisi, schermi digitali e nuovi circuiti cerebrali » in Teorie del Cinema il Dibattiti Contemporaneo  A cura di Adriano D’Aloia e Ruggero Eugeni. Raffaello Cortina Editore Milano 2017, 127-151. (Introduction to the Neuro-Image in Italian.) Download PDF.

Two Poshuman Entrees: BwO and Neuronal Aesthetics

In: Posthuman Glossary, ed. by Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova (Bloomsbury Academic, 2018), pp. 74-76 & 285-287. Download PDF.

Van horrorpersonage tot succesvol protagonist

Interview in De Psychiater (maart 2018). Lees hier het hele interview in PDF.

Orchestration of the Senses in Yellow: Eisenstein's Fourth Dimension, Memory and Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia

In: Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia: Thresholds of Empathy with Art. Oxford University Press, 2017, 71-90. Read in PDF.

Wandering Off. In Conversation with Kerstin Ergenzinger and Patricia Pisters

In: Navigating Noise, ed. by Nathanja van Dijk, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Christian Kessung, Sebastian Schwesinger. Berlin: Walter Konig, 2017, 110-121.

Read here PDF.

Gedeelde Passie: Het Audio-Visuele Essay en de Filmcultuur

Referaat tijdens de uitreiking van de Louis Hartlooper Prijs voor beste Filmpublicatie - over het audio-visuele essay en nieuwe vormen van filmkritiek en filmwetenschap. 
Zie hier voor de tekst (inclusief twee audio-visuele essays). Uitgesproken en gepubliceerd 17 september 2017.