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Film from Victor Kossakovsky from 2005. Discovering a sense of self captured in a mirror. Director Kossakovsky covered for two years all mirrors from Svyato. His two year old son Svyato is now going to discover himself in the mirror. 

Yang Yong Liang

Moonlight and The Day of Perpetual Night (2012). More about this beautiful art from  Yang Yong Liang on his website.

Pascale Sophie Kaparis

Just met Pascale Sophie Kaparis and saw her work on tremors, trauma, seismic movements, percpetion and memory. Beautiful "Bodies without Organs" in differences and repetitions of red. From Eye to Brain. From Earth to Brain. TBC. Here's a great interview with the artist during "Seism" at Gemak in The Hague in 2015. See also her website.


Helmut Newton Retrospective

16 June - 4 September 2016. Very interesting retrospective of Helmut Newton's (fashhion and beyond) photography at Foam Gallery in Amsterdam.