Gödel, a film by Igor Kramer (2007)

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Watch Igor Kramer's Gödel on vimeoThe life and ideas of Kurt Gödel rendered in in form and content: the persistence of illusions, the inconsistency of logic and his own paranoid delusions, all come together in the film set of this beautiful short film.



Imagine - House of Psychotic Women

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Sunday March 14th 2013. Imagine symposium  House of Psychotic Women - with (from left to right) Patricia Pisters, Maryn Wilkinson, Kier-la Janisse, Hedwig van Driel and Damiaan Denys. Foto by Jennifer Kanary Nikolova.


It is What it Is

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Watch this funny and smart animation on perception and adapting our views on vimeo

A film by Pepijn Schroeiers - Music by Hollie Harding - Sound Chris Kenyon . Bristol School of Animation 2012.


Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini

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Isabella Rosselini's funny and great Green Porn Videos. Such as this one.


The Hermetic Deleuze Book Event

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Beautiful posts on this book event blog on Joshua Ramey's book The Hermetic Deleuze: Philosophy and Spiritual Ordeal. See for instance the concluding entry Life Undead and Resurrected.