Laboratorium Homo Ludens

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Image: Rotaprent Aat Veldhoen, 1964 (Robert Jasper Grootveld & Netty Dagevos)

Laboratorium Nederland 1955-1970. A symposium on the 'homo ludens' in film, television and museum objects in the 1960s in the Netherlands, organized by the Rijksmuseum. See for more information (in Dutch) the Rijksmuseum website.

Cronenberg & Fringe Science

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A lecture on Cronenberg and Fringe or Nomadic Science on the occasion of the fantastic Cronenberg Exibition and Retrospective at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

Necsus #5 Traces

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The new issue of NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies is online now. Check it out at

NECS Conference Milan

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Join the annual conference of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies in Milan. More details can be found at

Affects of Surveillance at Pratt Institute

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Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia, Empathy, Spectatorship at Tate Modern

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How do art works touch us? Are images reflected in our bodies?

Can sensation be a form of participation?

At Tate Modern a symposium on the phenomenon of Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia. Initiated by Daria Martin

See here for the video registrations of this event. See here for my lecture, entitled "Orchestration of the Senses: 

Eisenstein’s Fourth Dimension and Aesthetic Synaesthesia".

Image by Jasper Toeli for the E*Cinema programme Fragments and Feedback Loops at EYE.