To Witness Matter

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11 December 2015 in Poetry Centre Perdu (Amsterdam): An evening on the materialities of memory and remembrance. With Baha Gorkem, Patricia Pisters, Mia You and Rozalie Hirs. See for more information Perdu's website. And the Facebook page. 

Necsus #8 Vintage

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Necsus: European Journal of Media Studies, issue #8  'Vintage' is now online! Great feature section and the special section guest edited by Kim Knowles. Read all contributions in Open Access at

New Book: Filming for the Future

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Forthcoming:  new book on the amazing work of Grand Old Master of Dutch cinema Louis van Gaster will be presented in Paradiso, Amsterdam on 22nd November 2015. The book is illustrated and includes 3 DVDs containing 7 films (with English subtitels). Published by Amsterdam University Press.

"Finally. An engaged and thoughtful full-on narrative illuminating the work of Holland's preeminent film director, Louis van Gasteren. Patricia Pisters's, Filming For The Future is an unflinching and deft rendering of the six decades of van Gasteren's films; the writer giving blood, flesh and story to a complicated and controversial artist's obsessions and aesthetics. Like her subject's work, Pisters eschews cliche and slippery ideas to cement a well-wrought and hard earned research that throws bright light onto the times and temperament of van Gasteren's work. Filming For The Future, is an essential compliment to understanding van Gasteren's life, films and obsessions" - Michael Martin, author of Extended Remark: Poems from a Moravian Parking Lot 

"Unique attempt to interpret the multifaceted en multilayered oeuvre of the Grand Old Man of Dutch documentary in all encompassing treatise. A great achievement!" - Beerekamp is a former film critic and currently television critic for Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad


Deleuze (Wieder) Sehen

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A great initiative by the HFG of_Main, The Goethe University of Frankfurt and the Hessische Film-und Medien Akademie in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the death fo Gilles Deleuze. Which films would he have liked to see in the past twenty years. Here's the programme and the greatly designed website.

Science in Film

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Dutch Internatinal Science Film Festival takes place between 4- 8 november 2015 in Nijmegen. See for all information the website of the festival. 

Brainwash Festival

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Brainwash Festival in Amsterdam: On 24 October 2015, twelve hourse of immersion in a sea of thoughts and ideas. In all theaters around the Nes. Programma information of the website van Brainwash Festival. In Dutch: met o.a. in de Brakke Grond Marita Mathijsen, Wouter Kusters en Patricia Pisters over waanzin in de letteren, de filosofie en op het scherm.