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The Department of Media Studies celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Media and Culture program with a symposium on media related events, technologies, artifacts and texts that reflect how the 2011 present embraces, enfolds, subverts, transforms, contradicts, erases, eclipses or reinvents the 1991 past.

21st October 2011 Universiteitstheater, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16, Universiteit van Amsterdam


  9.30 – 10.00    Arrival, coffee and tea

10.00 – 10.15   Welcome by Thomas Elsaesser and Patricia Pisters

10.15 – 11.15   Keynote by Mary Anne Doane

From Imax to Iphone: Cinematic Scale, Perspective and the Modern Sublime

11.15 – 11.45   Coffee break

11.45 – 13.00    Short presentations chaired by Richard Rogers

The Third Place: Playstation and Domestic Space (Carolyn Birdsall and Joyce Goggin)

Heading for Utopia: Journalism, the Web and the Public Sphere (Frank van Vree)

Nevermind Politics(Jeroen de Kloet)

The Return(Gerwin van der Pol)

Being David Lynch on Youtube(Nina Köll)

14.0   – 14.00    Lunch break

14.0   – 15.15    Short Presentations chaired by Marijke de Valck

From Virtual Communities to Social Networks (Anne Helmond, Thomas Poell, Reinder Rustema and Esther Weltevrede)

The New Cub on the Block: Of Cyborgs and Animals(Maarten Reesink)

Michael Jackson on Obama’s iPod  (Jaap Kooijman)

Past and Future of the Touch Screen(Wanda Strauven)

15.15 – 15.45    Tea Break

15.45 – 16.45    Keynote by Alan Liu

Remembering  Networks: Agrippa, RoSE, and Network Archaeology