Crystal Cove

Blue is the warmest color. Egg yolk jelly fish filmed in Monteray Bay Aquarium. Summer sounds of crickets recorded in Crystal Cove, California 2014. This film was screened in the Programme A Taste of Red, Yellow and Blue in EYE Film Institute Netherlands on March 31, 2015. 

Analog - Digital

On the left or top analogue photos made with a Lomography camera (Diane Mini) and different typse of 35 mm film (black & white, 200 & 800 ASA sometimes with color effect on film stock). On the right or below digital photos made with a Samsung Gallaxy EK-GC 110. Both are simple amateur cameras but they allow investigating some basic differences between analogue and digital. The tags will grow so all To Be Continued. See the first 100 comparisons below.

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    Talk Soft Cinema #1 Interview Patricia Pisters

    Talk Soft Cinema is a series of interviews with filmmakers, theorists and critics with interesting ideas about cinema and its future. December 9, 2013

    Watch the video on Vimeo

    New Materialisms IV

    Conference keynote: New Materialisms IV – Movement, Aesthetics, Ontology. May 17, 2013


    Watch the video here

    De Fascinatie

    De Fascinatie is a series of programs that present academics of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. In several hypotheses they talk about their fascination for their field of research. 

    Bekijk de video op UvAkanaal


    Hoe?Zo! Radio: Breinkietelende films

    Beelden hebben een direct effect op ons brein en roepen soms heftige emoties op. Filmmakers maken daar dankbaar gebruik van. Met indringende beelden kietelen ze onze hersenen en sleuren ze ons hun wereld in. In Hoe?Zo! vertelt hoogleraar filmwetenschappen Patricia Pisters over de relatie tussen beelden en ons brein.

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