This page contains a selection of chapters and articles that can be accessed online.

Form, Punch, Caress: Johan van der Keuken's Global Amsterdam

In: Marco de Waard (ed.), Imagining Global Amsterdam: History, Culture and Geography in a World City. Amsterdam: Amsterdam Univeristy Press, 2012, pp. 125-141.

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The Mosaic Film: Nomadic Style and Politics in Transnational Media Culture

In: Thamyris Intersecting 23 (2011): pp.175-190. Mieke Bal and  Miguel Á. Hernández-Navarro, eds.  Art and Visibility in  Migratory Culture. Conflict, Resistance, and Agency. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi.

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Flashforward: The Future is Now

Deleuze Studies, 5 supplement 'Deleuzian Futures' (2011): pp. 98-115

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Synaptic Signals: Time Travelling Through the Brain in the Neuro-Image

In: Deleuze Studies 5.2 (2011): pp. 261-274

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The Mythological Power of Avatar

In: De Filmkrant, vol.318 (2010)

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Violence and laughter: paradoxes of nomadic thought in postcolonial cinema

In: S. Bignall, P. Patton (eds.). Deleuze and the postcolonial. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2010, pp. 201-219

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Numbers and fractals: neuroaesthetics and the scientific subject

In: P. Gaffney (ed.). The force of the virtual: Deleuze, science, and philosophy. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2010, pp. 229-251

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Logistics of perception 2.0: multiple screen aesthetics in Iraq War films

In: Film-Philosophy, Vol. 14 (2010): pp. 232-252

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Filming the times of Tangier: nostalgia, postcolonial agency, and preposterous history

In: D. Iordanova, D. Martin-Jones, B. Vidal (eds.). Cinema at the periphery. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2010, pp. 175-189

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