Overstag / Tack

In the late sixties film director Louis van Gasteren (b. 1922) made a series of three films on the European Community. During that time he met Sicco Mansholt (1908-1995), agricultural commissioner of the EEC. They became close friends. Because of their friendship Van Gasteren got a special insight into the world of this prominent politician. Van Gasteren often accompanied Mansholt on his journeys through Europe. Thus, he was able to document from up-close the conflicts and dilemma’s that Mansholt had to face as politician and statesman.Overstag (Tack; although the word in Dutch also means Change of Heart) is a moving documentary about the struggles for a post-war European Community. Louis van Gasteren and Joke Meerman were present at the screening of the film at the NAI (Het Nieuwe Insituut) in Rotterdam on the occasion of an exhibition of this "Good European." Mansholt found that his agricultural politics had undesired side effects (such as overproduction and bio-industry). He was courageous enough to admit this change of heart and argued the situation had to be turned around. His call is still urgent, today perhaps even more than ever before. See also  this website for more information about Overstag and other important films made by Louis van Gasteren.


Cinema and Science

A whole range of Wired articles on (neuro)science and cinema. 

Ruins in Reverse

On the escalator of the Stedelijk Museum Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen made a beautiful installation based on familiar yet alienating images from Hollywood movies. See for more information on the artists their website. Ruins in Reverse is part of the exhibition On the Move of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Civilization and Other Chimeras

There are two-way mirrors which allow you innocently to spy on people. This is one of the finest metaphors for consciousness. There is no two-way screen because there is nothing to see on the other sice of the screen, nothing to see without bein seen. Jean Baudrillard.

Civilization and Other Chimeras Observed during the Making of an Exceptionally Artistic Feature Film, an interesting essay-film, inspired by Jean Baudrillard by Aryan Kaganov (2009). Read an analysis of the film (in Dutch) by Theodor Steen on Salon Indien


Topography of Tears and Dumas' Tears

Rose-Lynn Fisher photographed tears of grief, joy, laughter and irritation. They are all different in microstructure! Above tears of 'timeless reunion'. Check out her website for more infromation and pictures for different kinds of tears.

In a very different way Marlene Dumas " tears-paintings" are very very moving. To be seen in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in the Marlene Dumas exhinition The Image as Burden. The pictures below are details from For Whom the Bell Tolls (2008) and her painting of Anna Magnani in Mama Roma (2012) taken in the Stedelijk.