Your brain My Brain

Your brain my brain from Ivo Bol on Vimeo. Awesome live EEG performance by Alberto Novello and Ivo Bol, translating the brainwaves of the performers into sound and laser control. See at the Compagie Theater Amsterdam, 17 October 2015 as part of teh Amsterdam Dance Event. Performers Anne-May De Lijser and Stefano Taiuti. In collaboration with the Amsterdam Brain Mind Project/UvA and VU.


Fragmentation - a brainwave-controlled performance (EXTENDED PROMO) from jestern on Vimeo. And a very touching performance by Alberto Novello in this video. A modern Bacon painting, struggling with all entities.

The Magic of Cinema to Unlock one Man's Coma-bound World

An Alfred Hitchcock filmhelped to prove one patient had been conscious while in a coma-like state for 16 years. The discovery shows that neuroscience may still have lots to learn from the ancient art of storytelling. Read this amazing story on the BBC website

Histories of Violence

Brad Evans' insightful website Histories of Violence for explorations of all dimensions of violence.

Dance of the Neurons

Jody Oberfelder's wonderful Dance of the Neurons on Vimeo

Splendid Red Desert

Between 12 September and 17 January an exhibition and retrospective on Michelangelo Anonioni's masterpieces of cinema in EYE. Including one of the most beautiful films of modern film history: Red Desert (1964). Breathtaking brain chemistry of colors of the industrial world. As Antonioni says to Godard in an interview in Cahiers du Cinema in 1964: 'In Red Desert the emotions are taken for granted.. Giuliana's crisis is buried deep inside her; it's almost imperceptible. ... Even though we don't realize it, our lives are dominated by industry. And by 'industry' I don't just mean the factories themselves but also their products. They are all over our houses, made of plastic materials that, up to a few years ago, were totally unknown. They are brightly colored, and they chase after us everywhere. They haunt us from the advertisements, which appeal ever more subtly to our psychology, to our subconscious. I would go as far as to say that, by setting the story of Red Desert in the world of factories, I have gotten to the source of that crisis that, like a river, collects together a thousand tributaries and then bursts out into a delta, overflowing its banks and drowning everything.... I think that if we learn to adapt ourselves to the new techniques of life, perhaps than we will find new solutions to our problems.'

The Key in the Hand

Chiharu Shiota's extremely beautiful and painfully symbolic installation in the Japanese Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2015.