Pascale Sophie Kaparis

Just met Pascale Sophie Kaparis and saw her work on tremors, trauma, seismic movements, percpetion and memory. Beautiful "Bodies without Organs" in differences and repetitions of red. From Eye to Brain. From Earth to Brain. TBC. Here's a great interview with the artist during "Seism" at Gemak in The Hague in 2015. See also her website.


Helmut Newton Retrospective

16 June - 4 September 2016. Very interesting retrospective of Helmut Newton's (fashhion and beyond) photography at Foam Gallery in Amsterdam.



Nema Aviona Za Zagreb

On May 31 2016 EYE Institute Netherlands organized a special screening of Nema Aviona Za Zagreb, the last film of Louis van Gasteren who passed away on May 10, 2016. Below the introduction to this original and unique film (in Dutch). See here for more information about the book Filming for the Future: The Work of Louis van Gasteren. The book comes with 7 films, including Nema Aviona Za Zagreb (with English subtitles). 

Post-Cinema and 21st Century Film

Shane Denson & Julia Leyda (eds), Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film (Falmer: REFRAME Books, 2016). Online at:
If cinema and television, as the dominant media of the 20th century, shaped and reflecte our cultural sensibilities, how do new digital media in the 21st century help to shape and reflect new forms of sensibility? In this collection, editors Shane Denson and Julia Leyda have gathered a range of essays that approach this question by way of a critical
engagement with the notion of “post-cinema.” Contributors explore key experiential, technological, political, historical, and ecological aspects of the transition from a cinematic
to a post-cinematic media regime and articulate both continuities and disjunctures between film’s first and second centuries.