Nostalgia for the Light

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Whow the Atacama Desert in Chili in November 2015. This desert is also the landscape to explore like an archive of forgotten memories hidden in the earth, missing persons and connecting point to the stars and distant gallaxies in Patricio Guzman's beautiful documentary Nostagia for the Light (2010). See the trailer below. 


Trailer "Nostalgia for the Light" from One World Romania on Vimeo.

Chantal Akerman

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So sad Chantal Akerman is no longer among us. Here's her debut film, with hindsite very premonitious. See for warm commorations of this great filmmaker Filmstudies for Free. My obituary in Dutch can be read in De Filmkrant and in PDF.

Deleuze (Wieder) Sehen

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A great initiative by the HFG of_Main, The Goethe University of Frankfurt and the Hessische Film-und Medien Akademie in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the death fo Gilles Deleuze. Which films would he have liked to see in the past twenty years. Here's the programme and the greatly designed website.

Your brain My Brain

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Your brain my brain from Ivo Bol on Vimeo. Awesome live EEG performance by Alberto Novello and Ivo Bol, translating the brainwaves of the performers into sound and laser control. See at the Compagie Theater Amsterdam, 17 October 2015 as part of teh Amsterdam Dance Event. Performers Anne-May De Lijser and Stefano Taiuti. In collaboration with the Amsterdam Brain Mind Project/UvA and VU.


Fragmentation - a brainwave-controlled performance (EXTENDED PROMO) from jestern on Vimeo. And a very touching performance by Alberto Novello in this video. A modern Bacon painting, struggling with all entities.

Science in Film

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Dutch Internatinal Science Film Festival takes place between 4- 8 november 2015 in Nijmegen. See for all information the website of the festival. 

Brainwash Festival

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Brainwash Festival in Amsterdam: On 24 October 2015, twelve hourse of immersion in a sea of thoughts and ideas. In all theaters around the Nes. Programma information of the website van Brainwash Festival. In Dutch: met o.a. in de Brakke Grond Marita Mathijsen, Wouter Kusters en Patricia Pisters over waanzin in de letteren, de filosofie en op het scherm.