Cinapses and the Neuro-Image

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Ship of Theseus at IFFR

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At the International Film Festival Rotterdam the discovery of many great films, such as No by Pablo Larrain (2012) - how Pinochet's regime ended because of a media campaign. Shot on U-Matic that blends fiction with the archival material seemlessly. And the beautiful How to Describe a Cloud by David Verbeek (2012). And also very strong and intelligent Anand Gandhi's first feature Ship of Theseus (2012). The complexities of globalized biopolitics "as good as it gets".   And here for a wonderful interview with Gandhi by Ekta Kapoor for News Laundry. 

Melanie Gilligan's Self-Capital and Popular Unrest

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Melanie Gilligan's visions on the spirit of capitalism are worthwhile exploring. 

See Self-Capital and Popular Unrest and Erik Bordeleau's article on Gilligan's work (in French).


Kuwait Oilpunk

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A flaneur in Salmiya, Baudrillard, and Kuwait Oilpunk. Thorsten Botz-Bornstein's impressions of 21st century cyberpunk.


Neuroaesthetics Conference ZKM

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Neuroaethetics conference at ZKM. See for the programme here.

CalArts: Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism

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 Shock Head Soul (Simon Pummell, 2011)

The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism brings together philosophers/critical theorists, media theorists, scientists and artists to discuss the state of the mind and brain under the conditions of contemporary capitalism, in which they have become the new focus of laboring. See for the programme and more details the CalArts website.

My lecture for this conference "Madness, Miracles, Machines: Living in a Delirious Word without Walls" can be found as a podcast of the version I presented at the Amsterdam School of Globalisation Studies (ASGC) can be accessed here. The published version can be found in PDF here and under "Selected Writings (in English)".