The Stuart Hall Project

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The Stuart Hall Project (2013). John Akomfrah's hommage to the life and work of Stuart Hall consists of carefully selected and composed unique archival material of Stuart Hall's important contributions to political and cultural life in the twentieth century. Akomfrah's installation The Unfinished Converstation (2012) places Hall's life and work dynamically in relation to his family background and world history. John Akomfrah's commentary on The Unfinished Conversation  for the Tapie Biennale is also very beautifully articulated. 

For free articles on Stuart Hall see "Remembering Stuart Hall" on the Taylor & Francis online website.


Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia, Empathy, Spectatorship at Tate Modern

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How do art works touch us? Are images reflected in our bodies?

Can sensation be a form of participation?

At Tate Modern a symposium on the phenomenon of Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia. Initiated by Daria Martin

See here for the video registrations of this event. See here for my lecture, entitled "Orchestration of the Senses: 

Eisenstein’s Fourth Dimension and Aesthetic Synaesthesia".

Image by Jasper Toeli for the E*Cinema programme Fragments and Feedback Loops at EYE.


Les Chevaux de Dieu / God's Horses

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Nabil Ayouch's film Les Chevaux de Dieu  (2012) follows two brothers who live in Sidi Moumen, a poor neighborhood in Casablanca over the course of a decade that lead up to the terrorist attacks that took place in Casablanca in 2003. Another great film in the New Moroccan cinema programme in EYE, organized by Fouad Laroui. Ayouch worked with non-professional actors, created an intense, subtle and complex story of the (micro and macro) traumas that can lead to fundamentalist choices. Really worthwhile watching, thinking about and discussing. See here for a trailer of the film.



Rock the Casbah

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Laila Marrakchi's beautiful second film Rock the Casbah as part of the New Moroccan Cinema in EYE. Intelligent drama with humor and subtle political moments. Some excerpts of the film can be seen online. Strong acting of  Morjana Alaoui, Nadine Labaki, Lubna Azabal, Hiam Abbass and Omar Sharif as (grand)father and ghost. 

Antony's voice

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Just a long time favorite. Antony and the Johnsons. Crazy in Love and Epilepsy is Dancing. Swann Lights and Cut the World. Video of this last song with Carice van Houten and Maria Abramovic.