Smart Highway - Techno Poetry in Dutch Design

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Daan Roosegaarde expresses "Biophilia" in the form of Techno Poetry in Design. The first kilometer of this interactive and sustainable road opened  in Os (Netherlands). It's real. Check out other creative and smart projects on the website of Studio Daan Roosegaarde.

What is a Creative Act? Deleuze on Cinema

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A long time top favorite, now available with English subtitles. Gilles Deleuze's inspiring and profpund FEMIS-lecture from 1987 on the question what it means to have an idea in cinema. About transdisciplinary encounters between philosophy and art (and science). And about the mysterious connections between the work of art and the act of resistance. See also Gilles Deleuze's Abecedaire that is also available with English subtitles. Thanks to Charles Stivale. The Abecedaire presents a series of conversations with Claire Parnet in which each letter of the alphabet evokes a word that Deleuze reflects upon: From A (as in Animal) to Z (as in Zigzag). See for instance (another long time favorite) 'D for Desire'.


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Madness-Made-Art  a symposium (31 October 2014) on the expressions and effects of psychotic experience in (post)modern philosophy, culture and art.

More information can be found at the ASCA website and at the website of Psychiatrie & Filosofie.

Some articles that I have written in connection to this topic can be found under selected writings. For convenience also some links to PDFs in this post:

In English: 'Madness, Miracles, Machines: Living in A Delirious World Without Walls'

In Dutch: 'Media als Beinvloedingsmachine'  and 'Het Neuro-Beeld: Confrontatie met de Waanzin'


'Het Neuro-Beeld maakt ruimte voor kwetsbaarheid'