Little Joe's 'Mad Scientist'

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Jessica Hausner's reinvention of Frankenstein as a female scientist in a very different world than

Mary Shelley's original one. Deliciously eerie and smart. The trailer is here.

Mati Diop's Atlantics

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One of the very gripping reinventions of the poetics of horror. 

Atlantics - Best recommandation on Netflix 2019. See here for the trailer.

For the International Film Festival Rotterdam I made a video essay (in the Critics Choice program) which you can see here.

System Crasher

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Nora Fingscheidt's System Crasher: Must see... Chilling, Moving, Desperate, Powerful.

See the trailer here.


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Spoor (Agnieszka Holland 2017) is an amazing and unusual 'eco-horror' film that is worthwhile

checking out. Here's the trailer. It takes you through the seasons with many surprising elements.


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Pixote by Hector Babenco about street children in Brasil fro 1980 has lost nothing of its power.

The vividness and incredible hardship of the protagnist remain haunting. See here for a 

Trailer. On MUBI which is absolutely the bust curated online platform for 

discoveries and rediscoveries, full of  gems of world cinema. Highly recommended. 

I'm Not a Witch by Rungono Nyoni

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Rungono Nyoni's I'm Not a Witch (2017) is an amazing film about a 9 year old Zambian girl who

gets accused of witch craft and is placed with a group of old women in a traveling witch camp.

Here's a trailer of the film. Nyoni is one of the many great women film directors that revise the 

tropes of the horror genre that I am currently researching for a new book on women directors and

the poetics of horror (which will appear in 2020 at Edinburgh University Press).