Brain Insane

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Fringe Festival Amsterdam :  More information about Brain Insane Cinergy  -  a  performance about the brain 

Hitchcock and Art

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In EYE a retrospective of the films of Alfred Hitchcock, some newly restored. See for the programme here

"Criss-Cross: Hitchcock and Art" Lecture by Patricia Pisters (in English) on September 4th 2014. Followed by The Lodger.

The Hitchcock Tapes  E*Cinema on September 23rd 2014. Showing work of Nicolas Provoost, Johan Grimonprez (photo) and Mathias Muller and Christoph Girardet.

Laboratorium Homo Ludens

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Image: Rotaprent Aat Veldhoen, 1964 (Robert Jasper Grootveld & Netty Dagevos)

Laboratorium Nederland 1955-1970. A symposium on the 'homo ludens' in film, television and museum objects in the 1960s in the Netherlands, organized by the Rijksmuseum. See for more information (in Dutch) the Rijksmuseum website.

Cronenberg & Fringe Science

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A lecture on Cronenberg and Fringe or Nomadic Science on the occasion of the fantastic Cronenberg Exibition and Retrospective at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

Necsus #5 Traces

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The new issue of NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies is online now. Check it out at

NECS Conference Milan

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Join the annual conference of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies in Milan. More details can be found at