Emerald Transmutations at the Alchemy Film Festival

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Emerald Transmutations

An experiment in digital alchemy inspired by the surrealist parlour game Exquisite Corpse and by the Emerald Tablets, the foundational hermetic text in Western alchemy. Starting with the “prima materia” of two scenes from celluloid film history, the combined scenes were passed along between seven “digital alchemists” who each performed a process of transmutation on the material in an attempt to turn base metal into gold. By Ian Magor, D.N. Rodowick, Jacques Perconte, Polly Stanton, David Verdeure, Rosa Menkman & Patricia Pisters. / 00:19:00 / 2016 / United Kingdom / World Premiere at the Alchemy Film Festival. I will also present at the artist' filmmaking symposium.