Stedelijk Statement by Patricia Pisters: Worlding the Brain

Stedelijk Statements: Patricia Pisters – Worlding the Brain is the fourth edition of Stedelijk Statements, a program series in which a scholar, artist, critic, or cultural entrepreneur composes an evening at the museum. The organizer of the program is given the floor to share his or her views on visual art and design. New research and both artistic and academic projects will be presented during an evening program consisting of lectures, debates, performances, and film screenings. In this edition, Professor of Film Patricia Pisters (Media Studies, University of Amsterdam) shows how art translates subjective experiences that take place in our brain.


This evening I want to take visitors of the Stedelijk Museum on a ‘journey through the brain’ where neuroscientist, psychiatrists, artists, patients and philosophers are equal partners in dialogue. Objective knowledge about synapsis and brain functions is important, but does not give us insights into the subjective experiences of mental processes, which is the domain of the arts and humanities. Objective and subjective disciplinary fields about the brain could act more as ‘trusted strangers’ and create a more synergetic and integral understanding of the brain. This Stedelijk Statement is connected to a conference at the University of Amsterdam entitled Worlding the Brain: Affect, Care, Engagement where we propose to take the brain out of the scientific lab and put it back into the chaotic rich complexity of the world by exchanging findings, observations and thoughts about the emotions and care for our synaptic processes and mental (dis)orders. - Patricia Pisters 

With work and contributions by Guillaume Dumas, RAAAF (Eric and Ronald Rietveld), Alva Noe, Zoe Beloff, Jason Tougaw, The Art of Neuroscience, Lancel & Maat, Maartje Nevejan & Monobanda, Esther van Fenema & Floor Braam & the Dutch National Ballet. See website of Stedelijk Musuem Amsterdam for more information. Download the program of the evening here. And the wall texts of the three istallations here. Introduction by Patricia Pisters can be read here.  A report by Nim Goede in Metropolis M gives a participant impression. Below a visual impression of the evening (3 November 2017) Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2017. Foto: Tomek Dersu Aaron. Clothes Patricia Pisters by Mattijs van Bergen, kimono suit from his Photo-to-Fashion series. See for the registration of this Stedelijk Statement: Worlding the Brain here. See also under Pictures.